Friday, December 11, 2015

Virtual Reality

This week has been very hectic for the whole group. We have had big deadlines in other courses which have resulted in long days and early mornings. With that in mind one might think that we haven’t had time to do that much in this course but that is wrong, we have been able to meet a couple of times during this week and the work is still currently in progress.

We meet at monday and started to plan the presentation and the videos that we will create. We made the manuscript for the big video and it was much harder than we thought. We have a pretty complex concept which involves a lot of aspects and if we only mention/show a couple of them the concept won’t be understandable. We managed to make a manuscript that consisted of, pretty much, every part that we think is worth mentioning.

One thing that we decide at monday was that we should contact Anna Nicole Gustafsson from JMK to ask if she wanted to participate in our video. She has some expertise knowledge about creating such movies and since none of us has done it before it was really valuable.

She wanted to be a part of our video and we meet on wednesday and shoot the material for our movie. The movie is currently being edited and we hope that it will be finished at saturday but since we have a lot of deadlines in other courses that is doubtful. We might have to submit it early next week or in the end of this weekend. However we are doing our very best.

Another thing that we decided on wednesday after some discussions was who will present our project. We had previously decided that two will do that and we have decided now that we will use the same dynamic duo (Isaac Rondon and Johan Huusmann) that presented on the mid-crit session. We thought that they made a good job there and they get the opportunity once again. All credit to them!

We meet at thursday as well and discussed what is needed for the movie and made a plan for how to continue the work.

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  1. Sounds very good. I'm glad to hear that your contacted Anna Nicole! All the best of luck!