Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cross Cultural Group v50

What we have done: We have looked through a lot of different video making tools, and decided for We also wrote a script for the whole presentation. This week has been all about presentation and so we have finished material we needed for the presentation videos, recorded voice overs, created the videos and lastly added subtitles. We have also discussed the presentation in terms of who is to speak, what we should wear etc.

What we will do: We are going to meet for the technical rehearsal, and also do our own little rehearsal, but everything seems to be in good condition for the presentation. We all feel prepared and it is good that we have all material done one week before presentation so that we can focus on relaxing a bit and practise the speech.

Challenges encountered:
 There has been a lot of technical difficulties both with learning the programs (the video tool, clipping the sound together and adding subtitles took some time). We are all having a lot of other deadlines at this time, so finding time to work all together as well as deciding who does what in this stressfull week has been a little struggle, but it worked fine in the end.

Changes in the project:
No changes in the project this week..

Resources: We have used the tools, Final Cut, Adobe Audition and Photoshop this week. We also borrowed a good microphone from Viktor to get the audio in higher quality. 

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  1. Good! Glad to hear that you also involved Viktor in the video making process.