Friday, December 4, 2015

Personalized Storytelling

This week we have been working mostly with writing the book chapter, which was due on December first, and we have also handed in a short summary about how we will present our idea. The discussions we had while writing the chapter made us make some changes, because we realized that a some things were unclear before. For example, the details in how to choose and calculate which length that a person has available for news consumption and how the adjustments will be done, and the possible ways to transfer the same news into different medium formats, were the biggest challenges. This made us change and develop how Nuse works, and we choose to get even more inspired by how the swedish news app Omni, so we made Nuse an expert of summarizing news, while at the same time keeping our primary focus on personalization.

Our next step is to continue working with and adjusting our visualization, the video that describes how Nuse works, so that it soon will be ready. And also continue working with and practing our presentation.

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