Friday, December 4, 2015

Virtual Reality

This week has been all about writing the book chapter. When the week started we had written most of the essential parts, but the chapter wasn’t complete yet. So we meet, like half a day, and finished everything. The day after that we all read it through and changed some parts that might have been unclear. It is always hard to know if someone else understands our text. We understands it because we all have been discussing it for some weeks now. No major things was changed during the last day except some rephrasing and spelling. During the last day before the deadline we also created some picture, such as the logotype for We Are News.

Johan attended to the proof reading and we got help with some spelling issues. The proof reading session was a good idea but we believe that it would be better if you had time to change more after the proof reading and that the proofreading was not only spelling and grammar correction but actual feedback about the understanding of the text, which we kind of doubted. The day after the proof reading we meet and solved the spelling errors and submitted the text.

There hasn't been any major changes to our concept and therefore nothing about it to mention here in the blog post. We have however started to look at different opportunities with the video for the final presentation. We believe that it will look silly if we are suppose to pretend to be actors in the video instead we are looking at different options. The video will be made next week, so we have scheduled a meeting on monday, to create some sort of script and storyline.

Question: What is the recommended length of the video?

The concept is finished so now it is all about finding a good way to present it in.

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  1. Good work there! I do not have a recommended time for you. Double check this question with Victor, the video responsible person, and/or check out the videos from past years at