Monday, December 7, 2015

Future of Audio

The previous week was quite hectic. We finished with the idea, finished the book text, proof-read it on Wednesday and also met Bjorn Thuresson in order to discuss the idea - is it good enough? We felt a huge relief when he said that the idea is perfect and he really likes it. We needed someone to approve what we've created.

Now we need to make a presentation, and the following work has been done:

1. Olena recorded the audio for presentation (half of the necessary) and wrote a script for audio
2. Ma and Jerry made the slides and mock-up of our service Heery.

On Tuesday (tomorrow) we meet in order to make rest of audio and put it together then. Seems, we are not out of schedule, though this post is being written on Monday instead of Friday. Sorry for that. End of year is really full of studies.

Good luck to everyone with the presentations!

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