Saturday, December 5, 2015

Interactive Story telling

What we have done

Last Monday, we gathered to finish and review the article that we handed in last Tuesday. We have a good feeling about where this project is heading and are satisfied with the switch of concept. Then we corrected and went through the feedback from the proof-reading session as well as refining our text. We also completed and rewrote the manusscript for the presentation that should be a complete guide for making the video that we will play at the final presentation.

During Thursday and Friday evening we gathered to get some footage and shoot some scenes for the final presentation.

The concept/idea

No real changes but we have made sure that our purpose, business plan, technology, all research and vision all conform and are connected with each other.

Challenges encountered

The most difficult thing this week has been to write a script that illustrates and communicates the concept in a way that we are satisfied with.

What we will do

Film, edit, and animate. Prepare for the final presentation.

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