Friday, December 4, 2015

Human Senses

What we have done:

We had quite many intense meetings to discuss the book chapter. There were some ideas about the contents and key points we would like to mention. This year’s theme is storytelling so we wanted to add a storytelling element into our book chapter and it was quite challenging to draw the red thread, and explain all our ideas within a story. We finally found a narrative that gives a glimpse into our future, rather than doing a commercial for our product, so we presented how people will use Scent-O in the future, and what its consequences could be. A short glossary for our concept was also created so that the audience could have better understanding when we mention new future technology. In addition, we did a little more research to clearly state the grounds needed to argue for our scenario.

We designed a logo and mock up for our product concept. As mentioned before in the mid-critique, we would love to explore more of the life style in the future when our concept is used than how awesome is our product is. Thus, we also discussed and presented the strengths and drawbacks of our concept in the chosen scenario.

Next step:

We also met this week to finally move on to the very last part, about how to present our concept. A video would be an obvious choice but we have to see what exact experience we would like to give the audience when showing our concept.
In the meeting we came up with the major outlines of our presentation and will continue with the production of it next week.

Challenges encountered:
Presenting smells and odors in a presentation. But we are getting there.

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