Saturday, December 12, 2015

Human Senses

This last week was all about the presentation: we met on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and had three very intensive sessions, first planning, then filming, finally cutting and putting everything together.

The biggest challenge or the worst moment was when, after hours of film editing and cutting, the program shut down and we thought that we had lost big part of our work. Thankfully we could recover most of it through an autosave-file. It was also tricky to find a good way to visualize smell, but we believe we managed quite well.

A very intensive week, especially on Friday, but it's done now and all that is left to do is to practice the presentation a few times. Conclusion: we had fun and are looking forward to Thursday!

Action! Shooting our movie

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  1. Wow, glad to hear that it worked out with the audio saving - what a thriller! Very glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves in the process and that you are looking forward to Thursday - so are we!