Friday, December 11, 2015

Packaged Stories (Moving Images)

What we have done
This week has been all about our movie for the final presentation. We have been working with all the effects we want to have in the movie, everything from building things in 3D to more simpler graphics in 2D. We have also recorded some more footage that we felt were missing from the movie. Since we are working with a green screen it is a lot of work to be done to make the background in every scene more interesting than just a piece of green fabric. We have also worked a lot to make the colors of the movie look good and natural. The goal with the movie is to really explain our solution while keeping the audience interested throughout the entire time.
Working with the green screen

What we will do
Since deadline for the movie is tomorrow morning there isn’t so much time left. The last hours before the deadline will be spent on finishing everything that isn’t finished yet and after that make smaller adjustments to make the movie as good as possible. We will also discuss how we are going to present the movie in the beginning of our presentation. The video will occupy most of our presentation-time but we still want to introduce us and the video prior to showing it.

The challenge this week has been to find the time and resources to get the movie finished in time for the deadline. It has also been somewhat a challenge to come up with a lot of ideas of how to show things and what we want to have in the background instead of the green screen.

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