Saturday, December 5, 2015

Big Data

What we have done
We have done alot during this week, mianly that we finished our idea, and wrote our article for this years book.

Our current idea
If storytelling is the next step for Big Data in business (Narrative Science, 2015), then Big Data can be a big actor in storytelling. Introducing Dale, a storytelling application that utilizes Big Data to create stories tailored to your expectations. Dale will analyse the input from the user, such as age, length of story, genre and favourite author. Dales takes advantage of this input and uses it to define keywords and important parameters in order to be able to collect relevant information from various Big Data-sources. Dale then creates the story you want, at the moment you want it.

Next step
The next step for us is to get ready for the presentation. We are going to do this by creating a short advertising video that entertain, explain and evolves our idea beyond the boundaries of mortal men. All in the purpose of our final presentation.

Challenges encountered
The most prominent challenge was to find a way of getting our koncept unique.

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