Monday, December 14, 2015

Big Data

This week has been all about the presentation. We have filmed, edited and created a movie that will show how our concept and product works. We have also focused on the material around our presentation, and how we will be able to squeeze every bit of important information in a meer 10 minute presentation.

The coming week will be used to get ready for the presentation, both during our practice session in F! at wednsday aswell as outside of the schedule.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Interactive storytelling group

Hi there!

This week we have as everyone else, focused on the presentation. We started filming our movie 2 weeks ago, where a setting was set at Johans place and a manuscript was written. This past week most of the time have been spent on editing the movie, but now its done! It took a lot longer then expected and some brave souls in our group continued editing the movie until it was done at 5am on Saturday morning:) We have also decided on how we want to present our concept to make the presentation as good as possible. This week we will take the opportunity to rehears in F1 but also rehears outside of the schedule.

Cross Cultural Group v50

What we have done: We have looked through a lot of different video making tools, and decided for We also wrote a script for the whole presentation. This week has been all about presentation and so we have finished material we needed for the presentation videos, recorded voice overs, created the videos and lastly added subtitles. We have also discussed the presentation in terms of who is to speak, what we should wear etc.

What we will do: We are going to meet for the technical rehearsal, and also do our own little rehearsal, but everything seems to be in good condition for the presentation. We all feel prepared and it is good that we have all material done one week before presentation so that we can focus on relaxing a bit and practise the speech.

Challenges encountered:
 There has been a lot of technical difficulties both with learning the programs (the video tool, clipping the sound together and adding subtitles took some time). We are all having a lot of other deadlines at this time, so finding time to work all together as well as deciding who does what in this stressfull week has been a little struggle, but it worked fine in the end.

Changes in the project:
No changes in the project this week..

Resources: We have used the tools, Final Cut, Adobe Audition and Photoshop this week. We also borrowed a good microphone from Viktor to get the audio in higher quality. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Computer Games

This week we have been working with our presentation. We have made and sent in the powerpoint we are going to use, we wanted to use pictures rather than words in our presentation.  We also made plans for our acting, found music for the act and checked out the lecture hall F1. What is left now is just preparation before our presentation, practice our act, make sure everyone knows what to say and that we do not exceed the 10 mins limit.

Human Senses

This last week was all about the presentation: we met on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and had three very intensive sessions, first planning, then filming, finally cutting and putting everything together.

The biggest challenge or the worst moment was when, after hours of film editing and cutting, the program shut down and we thought that we had lost big part of our work. Thankfully we could recover most of it through an autosave-file. It was also tricky to find a good way to visualize smell, but we believe we managed quite well.

A very intensive week, especially on Friday, but it's done now and all that is left to do is to practice the presentation a few times. Conclusion: we had fun and are looking forward to Thursday!

Action! Shooting our movie

Friday, December 11, 2015

Future of audio

During the week we recorded an audio (and made a script for it before) and made a presentation. Don't know what to add:) All is ready and we are looking forward to present our service! 

Personalized Storytelling

This week we have been working mosly with our video. We have written a script for it and through a Internet site, fiverr, asked people to record it with their own voice, so now we have a person from a English native speaking country talking our script! One of the biggest challenges we had with the video was to work with it to make it match exactly with the audio file.

We have also been working with the presentation, and one of the biggest challenges here was to choose what is most important to say and what can be left out.

We did not change or alter anything in the project this week. The changes we made last week still feels good and relevant, so we’re sticking with them and have been working with how to implement those changes in the video.