Friday, December 4, 2015

Packaged Stories (Moving Images)

What we have done
This weeks focus has been on the book chapter and we have worked really hard to finish it. Even though we started with the text quite early on in the project we still felt that there wasn’t enough time left to finish the text. We managed to get it done however and handed in a version we were not totally happy with.

Then there was the proof-reading session which went really well for us. After that we had some more time to make changes in our text and hand in a new version of it. We took this opportunity to not only correct what had been pointed out at the proof-reading, but also to change the things we weren’t happy with. After all we handed in a, in our opinion, good text.

We knew pretty early on in the project what we wanted to call our solution, but this week we designed a logo for it. We also created some graphics for our text which hopefully will help explain some parts of it.

Packaged Stories logo

The rest of this week will be dedicated to the movie to really get the work going.

What we will do
Next week we will work a lot with the movie to have it done by the 12th of December. We have a lot to do with the green screen and putting it all together to a movie that is both informative and fun to watch. Hopefully there won’t be a problem to finish it in time since the text is done and it is just preparations for the presentation left. However, when working with movies things always tend to take more time than planned.

Challenges in the project
The challenge this week was definitely to finish the book chapter on time. The problem was not what to write but more how to write it. And also to be finished in time before the deadline and to keep within the limits of characters in the text.

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  1. I am glad that you are happy with the text in the end. Keep up the good work!