Monday, December 7, 2015

Cross Cultural Storytelling v49

Group name: Cross Cultural Storytelling

What we have done: This week we finished the book chapter, and after the proof reading we added some minor changes to the text, but nothing big really. We also started talking about the presentation and decided to go with both PPT, with voice over at one part, and a movie to explain the concept more in detail. And we want to think about storytelling elements during the presentation, to make it more alive. However, we haven’t decided how to do it yet.
What we will do: The next steps are to finalize the presentation and create the movie where we present and describe our product and concept. Before next week, we will look at different tools for creating movies, and also idéas for biased articles which we can show during our presentation.
Challenges encountered: We wanted to use an animated video, however we haven’t got that much experience from Adobe After Effects so we are thinking about finding a good online animation creation tool, and have started to look into some of them. It is hard to know which one that is going to be best for us, or if we should try and do it ourselves in After Effects. Other than that, not much challenges occured.
Changes in the project: We don’t really have that many changes at this point. We are just trying to complete the project now and we al have a clear vision of what we want I think.
Resources: We have looked into animating tools such as powtoon, animaker, goanimate, moovly, biteable videoscribe and Adobe After Effects.

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