Friday, December 4, 2015

Attention Span

This week we made a lot of progress and worked on two different jobs:

Ulrika and Désirée were focussing on the chapter, since we started with it already last week, there were just some final adjustments to do.

Leonie has further been working on the interface of our Goldfish app. We have created “screenshots” for each functionality and step of the user flow. The look and feel of our app will be consistent with our corporate design and colours and promote our brand ambassador, the little goldfish.

We also took a meeting with our journalist student Teresa. She has produced great emotional video documentaries about the topic of the Finnish War children and we are thinking about ways on how to best incorporate her content into the app.

Finally, we started to set up a prezi and thought about a rough outline for the presentation. We have defined our mission and vision more clearly, in an easy way to understand.

Until next week, Anton will be in charge of the mock-up of the app. He will use the marvel application and integrate our screenshots. The result will be a “programmable” app which will display our functionalities and the user flow. We would like to make a short video about the user experience to explain the functionality better.

Next week, we will finalize the mock up of the app, film the user experience and finish the final presentation. We enjoy the group work a lot, especially how creative we can be. We are very motivated to find an interesting and attention-capturing way to present our solution to the audience on the 17th.

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  1. Glad to hear that you met with Teresa! I hope this connection can be useful for you. Keep up the good work!