Friday, December 4, 2015

Point of View

What we have done
The last week we have continued working with our text for our book chapter. It required most of this week’s time to finished the chapter. This might be because we changed our idea back and forward or maybe because our solution is pretty heavy on the technical side and required a lot of research. Anyway, the book chapter is finished and we are all happy with it.

Sofia also attended the proof reading session. She felt like the session was a good idea but it would have been nice to have had two occasions instead of one. One occasion a bit earlier in the project were you would be able to give feedback on the idea and text, and another session a couple of week later were you only correct spelling.

We have also started on working on the storyline for the movie we are making for the presentation.

What we will do
We will continue to work on the storyline and creating of the movie. The upcoming week we will also prepare our presentation.

Challenges encountered
Nothing new here. We have our idea and keep on working on it. We also have a good working environment within the group were all of us are happy.

Changes in the project
None at this point.

We are currently looking at old FoM-presentation videos and other videos on the Internet to find inspiration for our movie. Here are some good ones:
Viktor’s movie about Media technology:
Future of storytelling:

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